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Social platforms for the internet that are fun, engaging & enterprising

We don't try to re-invent the wheel... We just try and make it better


We probably see a few things others don't. We love the concept of "being on the outside looking in". To try & make the internet an even better place in fun, engaging & enterprising ways. On one end of the spectrum, we develop platforms that can drive sales sales to business at low cost... on the other end, platforms are conceived that are purely for entertainment purposes . We are passionate & success driven, delve to the very core of subject matters and jump whatever hurdles are necessary to ensure that successes from the objectives we set are met.

The team players at Social Corridors are passionate in their prospective fields of expertise, whether it is Marketing, Concept Development, Training, Programming, Advertising & Social Media. They come from a variety of industries, including Advertising Agencies, Radio, Television, Print, Social Media, Hospitality, Service Providers, & Human Resources to name a few. All have helped guide numerous companies to enjoy sustainable success by creating vision and tactical plans for their Products and Services in preparation for rapid growth that they otherwise would never have seen. And, just a part of delivering these successes is the ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in competitors with regards to pricing, service, product, advertising, brand positioning, training, market awareness and financial strength.

In everything we do, we strive to embrace the win-win rules to prove that actions speak louder than words. Once we accept a client, we stand by them every step of the way to the final completion of their vision.  However, just as important... We love developing online portals that genuinely enhance relationship building, can provide a better service than existing ones and/or have fun & exciting 'personality'.   The majority of the world's population now spends a considerable amount of time on the internet.    Social Corridors' continuous goal is to provide quality platforms that can seriously enhance company revenues & for those just seeking pleasure.   

The Founder of Social Corridors has been in the business of Product Development & Marketing for over 42 years.   He and the team invite you to get to know us so that we may help you build the projects you are passionate about...

We trust you'll take a little time to view this site... What can we do to help you? Get in touch...  We love a chat!

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