How to Enter 'Animals Are Stars'

Follow the Super Easy Steps Below

Step 1

Register As a 'Free' or 'Pro' Member

  1. Click the Site you wish to Register HERE
  2. At the top right hand corner, Avatar pic click ' Register'. (Future visits after registering, simply 'Login').
  3. By registering, you can 'like' & 'share' videos on numerous Social Media Channels, comment & upload a limited number of videos but as a Free Member, you are NOT eligible for prizes or prize money and various other benefits.  
  4. To be eligible for prizes and prize money, you must become a 'Go-Pro' Member. To do this, click the Avatar in the top right hand corner of any AAS Site.  
  5. Select 'Go Pro', in the drop-down menu, then select 'Go Pro' and follow the process. That's it, you are now eligible for all the benefits displayed in the 'Go-Pro' section of 'Animals Are Stars'

Step 2

Upload Videos

  1. Select either 'Upload' to upload a video from your device, or select 'Import' to upload a video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc where you will have to insert the URL
  2. Complete all the Information, such as Title, Description, Category, Tags, & Thumbnail Etc
  3. Click Publish!   
  4. A Moderator will view your video and quickly approve

Important Note On Video Uploads

We recommend you upload your videos in the 3 months prior to the start date of any AAS Episode.

Use the Episode period to share to gain even more 'Likes' and 'Views'

Step 3

Share, Share, & Share More!

  1. The top 25 Videos with the most 'Likes' & 'Views' are the Winners in each AAS Episode
  2. The goal of every Pro Member is to Share, Share & Share More!   The more you share and direct people to your video on an AAS site, the greater opportunity you have for accumulating the most 'Likes' and 'Views' and therefore winning one, or even ALL of the 3 prizes on offer.

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Terms & Prizes

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SE01-E01 1st - 31st Jan 2023

Start uploading 1st Oct 2022




'Animals Are Stars'!

Prize Money, Fame & More! 

'Animals Are Stars' was founded to provide the only online and media platform that is totally dedicated to talented Animals.    Each Season has 3 Episodes per year, and winning entrants are awarded prize money, gain fame, and maybe even have TV opportunities. With the massive number of talented animals in the world, 'Animals Are Stars' is for anyone that has a 'Natural' or Trained Talented Animal and is a must to be a part of! It is a truly competitive animals only environment for each of the countries we launch in. 

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