"Animals Are Stars (AAS) Is simply the greatest online 'Podium' where Talented Animals compete for 'Fame & Fortune' by attracting the most 'Likes' & 'Views' from eligible videos presented on AAS".  

...Not to mention the opportunity to perform in any future TV Shows, Movie Roles or Stage Performances that may well arise!

Important!   Only Pro User's  'Likes' & 'Views' are counted and only Pro Users are eligible to win Prize Money on all "Animals Are Stars" Portals

Below are the Official Conditions,Terms & Rules of

'Animals Are Stars'

Conditions of Entry - The Short Version

The Following is a general overview of the various Conditions, Terms and Rules for 'Animals Are Stars'.

Please scroll further after this section for complete definitions of the following:- 

  • 'Animals Are Stars' is an online competition portal totally dedicated to talented animals. It's target group is true animal talent ('Natural Talented Abilities' or 'Trained Talented Abilities') and not 'cute' animals or pets
  • AAS is short for 'Animals Are Stars'.   
  • AAS is an online competition portal where prize money is awarded for the top 3 Videos with the most 'Likes' and 'Views' (combined) as voted by the people
  • AAS can ALSO be a definite stepping-stone to other Grand opportunities, for example; any future AAS TV Shows, Movie Scenes, Media Appearances or Stage Performances! 
  • Each Country has 1 Season and up to 4 Episodes either per calendar year or from mid year to mid year. Each Episode runs for a period of 1 Month and allowing up to 60 Days prior to the commencement of each Episode for Members to upload videos,    See Episode Dates Here
  • Prize winners are determined from the most 'Likes' & 'Views' submitted by visitors to any AAS site
  • All Members of AAS sites must be verified (signified by the blue tick beside their name) by clicking a confirm link in an email received at time of sign up
  • All Members who upgrade to Go-Pro Status will have a Green Tick next to their login name.
  • In each Episode, there  will be 10 Winners selected ranging from 1st - 25th  place for the most 'Likes' and 'Views' combined.
  • Winners are published on our Winners link on  Social Corridors Main Info Site 
  • Entrants to any AAS Portal must be residents of the country relevant to the AAS Portal they are participating in
  • Verification of Residency (Permanent or Temporary) may at times, be requested
  • AAS's goal is to promote the extensive talent of Animals in the countries it enters
  • AAS's goal is to help promote recognition for owners of the Animals they enter in the AAS competitions
  • AAS wants to encourage Pride, Involvement, Fulfillment & Competitiveness in each country it enters, therefore AAS is country specific and not countries combined
  • AAS is free to register and enter and allows for an upgrade to 'Go-Pro' which has a subscription of $US32.50 per Episode
  • Free Members of AAS are not eligible for Prize Money.   Votes or Views from Free Member videos are irrelevant to the overall AAS structure and therefore are not counted
  • AAS 'Go-Pro' Members enjoy substantially more privileges than Free Members
  • Prize Money is allocated across the 1st - 25th  places based on most 'likes' and 'views' combined from viewers and paid out at various percentages
  • Members can upload as many videos as they wish within their upload limits.   For Free Members the limit is 1 Gigabyte and 'Go-Pro' Members the limit is 10 Gigabytes.
  • The 'Likes' and 'Views' of 'Go-Pro' Member's multiple video uploads are NOT cumulative.  Example:   Mary Jane uploads 4 Videos.   The 'likes' and 'views' are counted on each video not all 4 videos combined.
  • Prize Money is calculated via a percentage of 'Go-Pro' subscriptions & the total of that percentage is split between the place getters at no less & no greater than that percentage
  • Cumulative Prize Money for a current Episode can be viewed anytime on any AAS Websites
  • The Top 100 Videos 'By Likes' and Top 100 Videos 'By Views' of ALL videos entered by Go-Pro Members can be viewed on any Member's AAS Portal by clicking the Members' Avatar by which the right hand menu can be viewed.    Click on "Video Studio"  > "Videos" and click the icon next to the "Sort By" Text
  • Any Go-Pro Member Video(s) featured in the 'Prev. Episode Top 100' may re-enter their video(s) in an upcoming Episode, however all 'Likes & 'Views' accumulated in the previous Episode will be cleared, and the accumulation of 'Likes' and 'Views' for the new Episode will start anew.
  • 'Prev. Episode Top 100' videos may be viewed by clicking the link of the same name in the left-hand menu of any AAS Member's Portal.
  • Free Members may upgrade to 'Go-Pro' at any time.   
  • When subscribing to new Episodes either as a Free or Go-Pro User, Members are advised to use the same username and password as used for previous Episode Signups.   Whilst you can change your Username and Password at anytime, any Verifications will be void and verifications will need to be activated and/or uploaded again 
  • All video Uploads are checked by Moderators prior to going live

Conditions of Entry - The Long Version

Below are the full definitions of the Conditions, Terms and Rules for 'Animals Are Stars'.
Please read carefully as most, if not all answers to questions will be contained herein.

  1. Animals Are Stars (AAS) has one Primary goal.  That is to provide a platform that is totally dedicated to Talented Animals..    However with this primary goal in mind, (AAS) believes it can encourage 'Pride', & 'Involvement' for the Entrants of the country where AAS is present, bring about  'Fulfillment of the Cause' for the owners of Talented Animals by representing their country, and of course the 'Competitiveness' of the ‘Animal Talent’ in the country where AAS is open to Entries.    And because AAS is truly about exhibiting the talents of animals in each of the countries that we are present in, it is not our desire to 'group' countries, (for example 'Animals Are Stars - Asia'), but to showcase the talents of animals in specific countries.

    (1i)     Furthermore, whilst AAS is totally dedicated to the talents of all types of animals, it does also strive to actively recognize the skills of the owners and their animals, hence our goal to develop the aspirations of 'pride', 'fulfillment', 'involvement' & 'competitiveness'  in each and every country that AAS enters.

  2. (AAS) is 'country specific' and, whilst AAS Seasons may run concurrently in numerous countries, Entrant's may only upload videos to an AAS site where they are a resident (permanent or temporary).   For example, if you are a permanent resident of the USA, but residing in Australia, you may only participate in Seasons/Episodes that are operating in (for example) Australia.      

  3. All AAS sites allow for the upload of Identification Verification in the Member's Settings area and this may be, from time to time requested to confirm that an Entrant is residing in the country of the AAS site they wish to participate in.  This will usually be in the form of an ID Document or Utility Bill.

  4. It is important for all Entrants participating in any of the Seasons (in any country), to note that AAS is not about uploading videos of the 'cute pet' or the 'cute' animal. AAS is about showcasing either the "Natural Talented Ability" or the "Trained Talented Ability" of ALL types of animals.   To explain these abilities further, 'Natural Talented Ability' is where an animal has not necessarily been intensely trained, but displays talents that have come naturally.    On the other hand, 'Trained Talented Ability' is where the animal has been actively trained and therefore has 'Trained Abilities'.     AAS reserves the right to reject or delete a video that it believes does not conform to the latter abilities or to the goals/objectives of the site(s)

  5. Whilst all AAS sites are Free to join and Free to upload videos within the terms of these conditions, the fundamental excitement of AAS is for Entrants to compete for Prize Money, Fame & Recognition for the best Talented Animals in each Episode which could very well lead to much greater opportunities.      Consequently Free Members are not entitled to any Prize Money and do not share the same privileges as "Go-Pro" Members.   Further, regardless of the number of 'likes or 'views' that a free Member's video(s) may receive, these are disregarded and are irrelevant to the competition aspect of AAS Season Episodes, but will of course provide entertainment value for visitors.
  6. AAS reserves the right to use any video or the contents and/or stills of any video uploaded to AAS, without the expressed written permission of those included within the video. AAS may use the contents and/or stills of any video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by AAS including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc. To ensure the privacy of individuals and children, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the photographed subject, parent or legal guardian.        

    (6i)    A person who uploads a video who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to AAS by using our contact form and stating in writing of his/her intentions and include a photograph. AAS will use the photo for identification purposes and will hold it in total confidence.     By participating in AAS and by failing to advise AAS in writing of your desire to not have your video or the contents and/or stills of any video used by AAS, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify AAS from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

    (6ii)    Any person or organization not affiliated with AAS may not use, copy, alter or modify AAS videos, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized representative from AAS.   

  7. AAS has Zero tolerance for videos uploaded that may indicate cruelty to animals, regardless of the type of animal(s) filmed in the video.    By uploading a video to AAS, the Member hereby unequivocally agrees that no animal(s) whatsoever were harmed, stressed, in distress, or forced to perform against their will and that at no time any animal(s) filmed in the uploaded video(s) were at any time in danger, forced against their will, or could have been in danger or forced against their will that could lead to them to being hurt or to harm themselves, (or any other animals or persons) as a result of the talent or talents, act or acts that they were performing or displaying.    AAS reserves the right to delete, or not accept any video for upload that, in AAS's opinion, may indicate  that an animal is/was or could have been in imminent danger that could be opinioned as cruelty to animals. 

    (7i)    Should AAS, in its opinion have cause to delete a video for reasons of suspected cruelty to animals or persons, or for any other cause which it deems as offensive, unsuitable for viewing, or in breach of our Terms of Service, the Member or any representative of the Member agrees to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify AAS from any and all claims and shall have no recourse whatsoever to retrieve subscription fees or any other costs as a result of deletion of any video(s) or non-acceptance of the upload of any videos. Viewers are encouraged to report any offensive videos immediately by completing our contact form.  Further AAS sites are to be used in accordance with our General Terms Service, with particular mention to the section titled "Your Conduct".    To view our General Terms of Service, PLEASE CLICK HERE 

  8. Seasons  & Episodes - The Following Conditions & Terms apply

    (8i)            A Season is defined as 12 Months but not necessarily in 1 particular year.   Seasons may have year overlaps.   For example, a season commencing in Julye 2024 may overlap to June 2025.

    (8ii)           An Episode is defined as up to (3) Calendar Months.   This is divided into:  (a.) Period allowance for videos to be uploaded in the initial (up to) 60 Days prior to the commencement of eacj episode and (b.) the remaining (30) days of each Episode as a final period to enable final voter 'likes' and 'views' to be registered.   PLEASE REFER TO THIS LINK FOR EPISODE AND VIDEO UPLOAD DATES for each country.

    (8iii)           Episodes on any AAS site commence on the 1st Day of a given month.  Each Episode runs for a period not exceeding 30 - 31 Days.    SEE EPISODE AND VIDEO UPLOAD DATES HERE.   Video  and Upload Dates are also shown on the HOME PAGE of any AAS Website     

  9. Memberships - Free & 'Go-Pro' - The Following Conditions & Terms apply: 

    (9i)           In order to compete for AAS Prize Money an AAS Member must have registered as a an AAS "Go Pro" Member.   (See item 5).   The fee to become a "Go Pro" Member is currently  $US32.50    A "Go Pro" Member also has substantially greater privileges than that of a AAS Free Member and those privileges can be viewed by clicking on the "Go Pro" link in any AAS Member's Avatar in the top right hand corner.    

    (9ii)       A "Go-Pro" registrations lasts only for the duration of any one (1) Episode in any given year, however an ASS Member can register as "Go-Pro" for all Episodes in any Season. An Episode for the purpose of defining the length of a registration will be from the Upload Dates to the end of the Episodes advertised.   All upload & the final date of each Episode are listed HERE and on each AAS Website.   However, that Member is welcome to join the next Episode to submit videos and enjoy the privileges of a "Go-Pro" Membership once again, simply by paying the $US32.5 "Go-Pro" Membership Fee or whatever the current charge is at the time.    

    (9iii)        Upon the conclusion of an Episode, (with the exception of items detailed in (9iv)) all videos submitted by 'Go-Pro' & Free Members will be deleted from our system at 12 Midnight on the 3rd - 5th Day following the end of the Episode date in readiness for the following Episode of any given Season. Further all "Go-Pro" Members will automatically revert to "Free Members" and any videos uploaded after 12 Midnight at the completion of each Episode will be deemed as a 'non-inclusion' to the next Episode for any Pro-User privileges.   However, once a Free Member upgrades to 'Go Pro' Status any videos uploaded during or before the following Episode will quality for Prize Money (as per these Conditions, Terms & Rules) along with all their 'Go-Pro' Privileges.

    (9iv)           Exclusion to (9iii).      All Country specific AAS  portals will continue to display the Top 100 Videos from any preceding Episodes for the period up to the end of the following Episodes.    For Example:    For an Episode that runs from 1st  - 30th January and the following Episode running from the 1st - 30th April, the Top 100 videos from the January 1st-30th Episode will continue to feature until the commencement of the 1st-30th April Episode.  This cycle continues, (for example) for each Episodes Listed for each AAS Site.  The Prev. Episode Top 100 Videos can be viewed by clicking the link of the same name in the left hand menu of any AAS Member site.

    (9v)      A Free member is entitled at any time during any Episode to upgrade to 'Go Pro' Status and the 'likes' and 'views' accrued from any videos they have uploaded during the tenure of their Free Membership will be included in the competition.   They will then be able to enjoy the privileges that 'Go-Pro' offers.

    (9vi.)       HINT:    Time period between the end of an Episode and the commencement of a New Episode.    Since all Go-Pro Members revert to Free Members at the conclusion of each Episode, they and any Free Members are entitled to upload their videos prior to the commencement of the next Episode.     Once the Episode commences, (and in order to gain all privileges to Go Pro Memberships), they would subsequently and ideally upgrade from the 3rd day preceding the last Episode finish date.   This enables videos to begin receiving new 'votes', IE: 'Likes' & 'Views' right after the conclusion of an Episode.    Since all 'Likes' and 'Views' are automatically taken into account upon Upgrade, this allows more time to accumulate those 'votes' during the months between each of the Episodes.      

  10. However, ANY 'Likes' and 'Views' accumulated from any Go Pro Member's  videos featured the Top 100 from a previous Episode, and, should they opt to re-enter the same video in the next Episode, the 'Likes' and 'Views' that were accumulated for that video are NOT included in any new Episode.    

    EXAMPLE:    Susan had a video in Episode 1.    It was one of the Top 100 Videos in Episode 1. It was therefore featured in the “Prev. Episode Top 100”.    However, Susan wants to RE-ENTER that same video in Episode 2.   Consequently the ‘Likes’ and ‘Views’ that Susan's video accumulated in Episode 1, (and therefore was featured in the “Prev. Episode Top 100”) the ‘Likes & ‘Views” that her video accumulated in Episode 1 will NOT be included in Episode 2. In order to compete fairly in any New Episode, any video that was in a previous Episode that reached and therefore featured in the 'Prev. Episode's Top 100' will have all the ‘Likes’ and ‘Views’ erased and the accumulation of new 'Likes & 'Views' will start anew for the New Episode.     

  11. Prize Money & Winner Selection
    - The Following Conditions & Terms apply: 

    (10i)      Total Prize Money for each Episode is determined by a percentage of the total of all 'Go-Pro' Member Subscriptions submitted within each Episode plus any monies that are provided by Sponsors.    Presently the percentage from 'Go-Pro' subscriptions is Twenty Five Percent (25%) plus any monies provided by Sponsors.    As 'Go-Pro' Member subscriptions are submitted, 25% of those subscriptions will show as a cumulative amount at the top of all AAS Member Sites. This Prize Money will be awarded and split between 1st - 25th Places  across ALL categories on the AAS websites.    

    (10ii)        Winners are determined across all categories on the ASS Websites and not by any single category or sub-category.   There are no winners (for example) for the most 'likes' and 'views' for Category "Dog" or Category "Bird", nor any of the sub-categories within the main categories.   Rather, winners are selected from the most 'likes' and 'views' across all categories.     All Winners will be published on the Winners Link WHICH CAN BE VIEWED HERE

    (10iii)        The Percentage of Prize Money paid to Winners is the following CAN BE VIEW AT THIS LINK and all AAS Sites.  So using the following as an Example only:- If the total price pool accumulated to $US100,000, 1st Place would receive $10,000, 2nd Place would receive $8,000, and 3rd - 10th Places would receive $5,000 each, 11th - 16th Places would receive $4,000 each, and 17th - 25th Places (inclusive) would receive $2,000 each.

    (10iv)     Winners are selected by calculating the most 'Likes' and 'Views' combined that a single 'Go-Pro' Member's video receives regardless of the category or sub-category it is placed in and regardless of the number of videos a 'Go-Pro' Member has uploaded.   For example, at present, 'likes' and 'views' from 'Go-Pro' Member multiple Video uploads are NOT cumulative. Regardless if a 'Go-Pro' Member has 10 video uploads, the 'likes' and 'views' from those 10 videos cannot be combined that may afford or enable them a 1st - 25th place. In other words, the 'likes' and 'views' are calculated for the purpose of determining winners on only 1 Video from any 'Go-Pro' Member and not based on cumulative 'likes' and 'views' of the same 'Go-Pro' Member's multiple video uploads.        

    (10v)   Notwithstanding the conditions above in (10iv) a 'Go-Pro' Member has every opportunity to Win a multiple of prizes (for example 1st & 3rd or 4th & 25th) by receiving the most 'likes' and 'views' for any single video they have uploaded,     Therefore, by uploading videos, a 'Go-Pro' Member acknowledges that, just by the fact of having multiple video uploads, the 'likes' and 'views' of their multiple video uploads CANNOT be combined. Calculating the  'Likes' and 'Views' for the purpose of selecting winners are determined on 1 single video from any 'Go-Pro' Member and NOT a combination thereof from the same 'Go-Pro'-member. 

  12. General Terms and Conditions of AAS Sites

    (12i)      All videos are subject to Moderator approval prior to going live on any ASS Site.   Under normal circumstances videos will go live within approximately 30 - 60 minutes, but may at times be longer depending on the number of uploads occurring during busy periods. 

    (12ii)       Payments for Prize Winners are normally paid via PayPal with transaction fees deducted from the payment due. however other methods of payment can be arranged by advising us via our Contact Page so that we may communicate with you by phone or email in order to do our best to accommodate those arrangements.   Payment to Financial Institutions other than PayPal will also have transaction fees deducted.

    (12iii)    Winners of Episodes will be displayed on our site main Social Corridors Site at this LINK.     

    (12iv)      Payments to winners will be made between 7 - 14 Days after the end of each Episode to the banking facility nominated.   Once again, any fees for the transfer of winnings will be born by the receiving party and subsequently any transfer fees will be deducted from amounts owing to the Winners.    

    (12v.)      The Conditions, Terms and Rules  on this page are to be read in conjunction with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Social Corridors Media Group of which the links are accessible  in the menu of the site you are on now.     The 'likes' and 'views' registered by visitors on any AAS site are final and no correspondence will be entered into.    Any changes to the Conditions, Terms and Rules on this page may change from time to time, and although we  may contact subscribers to make them aware of any changes, it is the responsibility of persons visiting or becoming Members of the AAS sites to visit this page regularly to update themselves on any changes that may have occurred.

  13. These Terms, Conditions & Rules were lasted updated on the 5th March 2024.   Only this Official English version will be construed as valid.  Any Translations of these Conditions, Terms & Rules, shall be just that, a translation and hold no authority unless Social Corridors releases translation(s) that it states are Official.

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