'Animals Are Stars'!

Prize Money, Fame & More! 

'Animals Are Stars' was founded to provide the only online and media platform that is totally dedicated to talented Animals.    Each Season has 3 Episodes per year, and winning entrants are awarded prize money, gain fame, and maybe even have TV opportunities.  With the massive number of talented animals in the world, 'Animals Are Stars' is for anyone that has a 'Natural' or Trained Talented Animal and is a must to be a part of!    It is a truly competitive animals only environment for each of the countries we launch in. 


YipeePet Pet Directory

The Most Giving Pet Portal on the Planet!

'Yipeepet' was founded to provide undoubtedly the ultimate Global Pet Directory.   It boasts over 2,000 categories providing users with ultra clear navigation that will pinpoint buyers and sellers alike to the exact product or service of interest.    But it gets even better.   Members  pay a tiny $US19.90 Per year which then automatically grants them Unlimited Ads in as many categories as they choose.   Plus there's even Matchmaking Categories for Animals to Animals and Humans to Humans with the same animal interests. 

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