"Animals Are Stars (AAS) Is simply the greatest online 'Podium' where Talented Animals compete for 'Fame & Fortune' by attracting the most 'Likes' & 'Views' from eligible videos presented on AAS".  

Not to mention the opportunity to perform in any future TV Shows, Movie Roles or Stage Performances that may well arise!

What is 'Animals Are Stars'?

Talented Animal In Season Episodes

AAS presents online competition sites where videos of Talented Animals are entered and viewers vote to select 25 Winners in each of the 3 Episodes per year that are held in specific countries. (For Host Countries, click the 'Service Locations' link in the Menu)

AAS is proud to host the only online Seasons in specific countries which are totally dedicated to showcasing Talented Animals, (although dedicated TV Shows for each of the countries we enter is not out of the question) 

Prize money increases as eligible competitors enter their videos to hammer home the fact that undoubtedly, their 'Animals Are Stars' &, the 'Pride of Their Country!

How Do I Enter 'Animals Are Stars'?  

Join, Upload & Let Viewers Vote!

If you own or care for  an Animal (regardless of what type of animal he/she is) that has talent you believe are worthy for the world to see and, live in a country that currently hosts an AAS site, then rush on over and sign up, & start uploading!  (Click for current AAS Host Countries in the 'Service Locations' Menu)

But even if you don't own or care for a truly talented animal and know someone who does, hop on Facebook, phone, or even send a pigeon and share the News!.

With millions of talented animals world-wide each country we host in deserves the pride and fame of showcasing them in a truly dedicated Talented Animals Competition. 

What are the Rules of AAS?

To Compete There Must be Some!

Our target group is true Animal Talent ('natural' or 'trained') and not 'cute' animals or pets (although they too are wonderful!) So in order to have a true and dedicated 'Animal Are Stars' compeition we do stipulate that all animals entered have 'Natural' or 'Trained' Talent

Before uploading please be sure to read the rules.  We provide a basic overview, as well as the detailed Conditions, Terms & Rules that can be viewed by scrolling down on this page.

Although all AAS sites in each host country are Free to join and upload, Free Members are NOT entitled to Prize Money and Voting (as in 'Likes' & 'Views'  do not count.    The Conditions are easy follow... So Good Luck in the Episodes!

 'Animals Are Stars' Season 1  - Philippines Now Live to Upload Videos

The clock has started for AAS SE01-E01 - Philippines!   


E01 Starts 1st January 2023

E01 Ends 31st January 2023
Winners Announced 6th February 2023

Philippines Animals Are Stars

"Get Your Talented Animals Ready"

Season 1  Philippines Now Live! Enter Now! 

The Philippines has one of the highest percentages of Pet ownership in Asia.  There are literally millions of Natural & Trained Talented Animals in this beautiful country.

Visit AAS Philippines now to enter the Premier Launch Season 1 of 'Animals Are Stars'

Animals Are Stars Malaysia

"Get Your Talented Animals Ready"

Season 1 Malaysia Premier Launch Coming Soon!

Due to the commitment of our Major Sponsor 'SIMBAE' Pet Care Products, Malaysia is one of the Great Countries for a  Premier Launch of Season 1  'Animals Are Stars'

Animals Are Stars Thailand

"Get Your Talented Animals Ready"

Season 1 Thailand Premier Launch Coming Soon!

A Major Sponsor announcement is imminent, so of course with the Animal Loving population that Thailand is, this wonderful country is also set for a  Premier Launch for Season 1 of 'Animals Are Stars'

Have adorable 'Natural' or 'Trained' Talented Animals?  Then enter them in our Season 1 Episodes of 

'Animals Are Stars!'

Click the button below to view Session Locations

'Animals Are Stars' is proud to be associated with Simbae, one of our Major supporters of 'Animals Are Stars'

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