Gift-A-Friend a Free 'AAS'  "Go Pro" Membership &  Get Special Privileges!

One of the nicest things we can do in life is to GIFT something to good friend.  Do you have a friend that owns an Animal or Pet that has 'Natural' or  'Trained' Talented Abilities?   

You do!!   Well, not only may you be chosen for another year FREE on YipeePet and  one Episode 'AAS', but you can also give your friend the opportunity to WIN too!

Our Gift-A-Friend & Free Offer From 'Animals Are Stars'


Each day commencing on the 31st Mar 2024 we'll be giving up to 5 people the opportunity to GIFT one of their friends a FREE 'Go Pro' Membership to 'Animals are Stars" (AAS) giving them the chance to win one of the fantastic prizes to be won.   

Only those countries where AAS have an open Season running are eligible.  But that's not all!   If we choose you as one who has GIFTED-A-FRIEND, you'll automatically be given another year FREE on YipeePet and one AAS Episode in your Country! 

SEE HERE for Episode Dates in the various countries

1.  To be eligible to Gift-A-Friend to an AAS Episode, you need to be a financial Member of either YipeePet or an "AAS" Season Episode Opening

2.  In the message/comments section, send us your Yipeepet or 'Animals are StarsUsername 

3.  In the Facebook Page URL section send us the URL of the friend you would like to GIFT an 'Animals Are Stars' Membership to

4.  If you are one of up to 5 persons we choose each day to GIFT-A-FRIEND, we'll give you another year FREE on YipeePet and one AAS Episode in your Country!

5.  We'll also let you know when your Friend has joined an AAS Episode as a result of your gift simply by matching your GIFT submission to their FB URL.  And of course, we'll message your friend and let them know the GIFT you've given them and how to proceed!

6.  So start GIFTING NOW!  Remember, if we choose you from your submission below, we'll give you another year FREE on YipeePet and one AAS Episode in your Country!

THAT'S IT!  SUPER EASY!  Now see which one of your friends you can gift an AAS Membership to!  Join up as a VIP Member to YipeePet or AAS now!


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